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Automotive Expert Witness

Keith’s expertise also has proved to be extremely valuable in performing service as an expert witness for automotive industry.

Keith’s expertise also has proved to be extremely valuable in performing service as an expert witness for automotive industry. He is experienced in design / patent, mechanical repair, car restoration, and custom car build related law cases.
He has worked for 14 years in the industry, He has been deposed and testified many times throughout his career as an expert, and worked on cases for the Department of Justice and on cases that were litigated in, Civil and Federal Court as well as in front of the Federal Trade Commission.
He brings automotive knowledge stock piled over his lifetime from his early childhood interest in cars and constant reading car magazines while growing up. He is a noted custom car designer, vintage car restorer, an automotive historian. He builds and races his own cars. Because of this he has a broad understanding of the mechanics of a car and how they should be property built and what can cause parts to fail in the field. His design experience in the automotive industry includes not only car design, but original equipment manufacturer wheel design, aftermarket wheel design, and aftermarket body kits. 

Prior Engagements

  • Bell Boyd & Lloyd, LLP

    Ford Motor Company v. Keystone Automotive 2008. Located prior art for the 2005 Mustang design, wrote a report.

  • Carroll, Burdick and McDonough LLP

    Allstar Tire v. Savini wheel design infringement 2010 Case No. 2:07-cv-00448. Represented Allstar Tire, Wrote a report,   Savini's Claim was ruled invalid.  

  • Carroll Shelby Wheel Company, v. Ford Motor Company

    Wheel design infringement 2014. Represented Carroll Shelby Wheel Co. A pre-litigation case , Did a comparative design analysis,  Recommended not to litigate.

  • Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P. A.,

    James Fender v. Lexani Wheel, Product liability 2015 Case No. 2014CA00791 Represented James Fender,  Wrote a report , I was deposed, It was settled out of court.

  • Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith.

    Kareem Sobky v. Precision Restorations, LLC Noncompliance case 2016. Represented Kareem Sobsky  Inspected the car, Wrote a report ,The case was settled out of court 

  • Orrick, Herrinton & Sutcliffe

    Scat v. FCA case no. 2:14-CV-07995 GHK (AFMx) Trademark infringement Case 2016.  Represented Scat,  Wrote a report, I was deposed.

  • Cartwright Law Firm

    Ellsworth v. K1, LLC, Florida Int.Jet School Inc., OTL Italia, and Does 1 to 50 case no. 115-CV278439 personal injury Case 2017. Represented Ellsworth, Performed a design analysis wrote a report and was deposed.

  • US Department of Justice

    Several; US v. Defendant   six vehicle inspections in drug smuggling cases 2015- 2017.  Inspected vehicles used in drug smuggling and wrote reports on my findings.

  • Law Office of Robin L. Unander

    R&R Motor works v. Dean Ventura, LLC. Noncompliance case 2017. Case # 16CV05772. Represented R&R Motor Works Inspected the car, Wrote a report, Deposed and testified twice in this case.

  • Harmony Law, LLC

    Greg Thorlaksen v. Jim Verhey, Reincarnation Auto. Noncompliance case 2018.  Represented Greg Thorlaksen,  Inspected the car, Wrote a report, Deposed and testified this case The case was settled plaintiff.

  • Oakes Law Office

    Ford Motor Company v.  New World Industries 2018. Patent infringement case.  Did a comparative design analysis, wrote a report,  Deposed and testified in federal court, this was a Federal Trade Commission case.  


  • Law Offices of Marshall Silberberg

    Powers v.  Goodyear 2018-2019. Service liability case. Represented Powers, Inspected the car, wrote report, Case was settled out of court.

  • Greenspoon Marder LLP

    Min-Shian Industrial CO & M. & S. Resources Corp., LTD., v. Liquid Metal Motorsports, Inc. 2021. Represented Min-Shian Industries, wrote a report,  case status unknown

  • Pyper Law

    Jason Parks v. Dale Dondel /Racer Engineering Inc. 2021. Represented Jason Parks, Inspected vehicle photos, wrote a report, case was settled out of court.

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